A little something about me

I’m recently divorced. Although we separated in 2012 and I filed right away, just before it became final, he begged for another chance and promised things would be different. That didn’t last long. I’ve since then learned that my entire life with him was a lie. I’d been deceived for 14 years. Nothing was what it appeared to be. I was married to a predator. This is my story. Writing my story is one of the ways I am dealing with all that has happened and continues to happen.


People should never be forced to suffer in silence nor should anyone ever tell them their story belongs in a private room between them and a therapist. People should not feel ashamed for being victimized. They should not be blamed. They should be able to shout their stories from the rooftops. Nothing good can come from keeping the silence, holding things in, keeping secrets of abuse out of fear of what others will say or think. The silence existed for way too long and now that it’s broken, it needs to stay that way. Some people will hear and understand, some will hear and not understand, and some refuse to hear because they don’t want to believe things like this happen or it’s awful for them to imagine. To those that refuse to hear, because it hurts you or you can’t deal with it, think about the person who lived it and has dealt with it for years. Don’t close your eyes because it’s hard to look at. Open them and see the realities of the world we live in.



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